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On March 11, 2019 FLW and KBF announced that they have partnered to host two
kayak bass fishing tournaments this year. Fishing League Worldwide (FLW) is the
largest tournament fishing organization in the world and Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) is
the leading organization supporting kayak bass anglers. The two organizations teaming
up is sure to bring new and exciting things to competitive fishing this year.

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FLW Vice President of Operations, Dave Washburn stated, “We are excited to work with
KBF as the kayak-fishing community leader to elevate the sport to new highs with
tournaments offering over 100 percent payouts through the course of the season and
the biggest media platform available to kayak anglers.”


While terms of the agreement were not shared publicly, it was announced that both
partnered events will be held at the time same as the FLW Tour events, one in Lake
Chickamauga and the other at the FLW Cup at Lake Hamilton, in both instances the
partnered tournaments might also be on nearby fisheries to insure that those fishing on
the FLW Tour and those in the partnered tournaments have separate areas in which to

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The first partnered event, the FLW/KBF Open will be hosted by Fish Dayton and Fish
Lake Chickamauga May 4-5 on Nickajack Lake. The entry fee for this event is $200 per
kayak and the top 100 anglers will enjoy qualification for the second event and the top
20 will receive free entry into the next event, the FLW/KBF Cup. The FLW/KBF Cup will
be in Hot Springs, Arkansas on a yet to be announced lake. This second event will
have an entry fee of $500 and will be held from August 8-10, with kayak events being
held on the August 8 and 9 only.


While the tournaments will be held in conjunction with FLW Tour events, KBF will
manage the two events. The winners of the tournaments will be recognized on the FLW
Tour stage and will be featured in FLW’s media releases.



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KBF President Chad Hoover said, “We are excited to partner with FLW to take
competitive kayak fishing to the next level an offer better exposure to our top anglers
and their accomplishments.” While both organizations are excited to be partnered
together, this partnership promises to be just as exciting to kayak anglers who want the
opportunity to participate in bigger events with bigger payouts and with more visibility.
Excitement with the partnership is only expected to grow as more details are released in
the coming months.