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Fishing With Spinnerbaits


Spinnerbaits can be the most versatile lures in your tackle box, they can be fished in almost any fishing condition year round. They can be fished in both shallow water and deep water, in both clear and muddy water conditions, and can be fished in and around all types of cover, from open water to brush piles. Spinnerbait are suitable for fishing in all these situations because they mimic a wary prey fishes favorite food source. swimming baitfish, vibrating and flashing blades aid in attracting their attention.

Have You Seen The ScatterShad Spinnerbait FH-7 ?

By Taylor Man’s Custom Lures

This lure hits the water like an alarmed school of shad, scattering a confusing array of light flashes with the clicks and clinks that sound almost identical to the sound made by a school of shad. At every retrieve speed the lure remains upright, blades slicing and clashing resembling a noisy, disruptive cloud of minnows; yet on killing the retrieve, the bait drops cleanly, blades fluttering erratically like panicked prey diving for cover. Available in a range of nature-inspired colors that match the predominant prey fish on your home waters, these lures come in 3/8-1/2- 3/4 and 1-ounce weights. This lure is built using our Super Spin frames and comes with a seven blade set-up, with the larger blade being a Shallow-Cup Willow blade. This blade is designed to spin at slower retrieve speeds than a traditional Willow Leaf blade and to swing with a broader arch for more flash and fish catching appeal… and more thump!


About Taylor Man’s Lures

For nearly a decade, Taylor Man’s Custom Lures has been creating handcrafted, unique jigs, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. Made in the Piedmont foothills of America’s Great Smoky Mountains, these lures are hewn with the highest quality components from here in the U.S.A. Taylor Man’s Custom Lures creator, legendary lure designer Mr. James Huskey, is known for paying special attention to the details. His workmanship has gained the respect of anglers around the world; and his lures are the ones touring Pros and competitive fishermen turn to when it counts. So, you know you’re getting the best value money can buy when you hold a Taylor Man’s Custom Lure.